Acmeist Projects

These are some Acmeist programming projects. They all intend to serve as many cultures, communities and languages as possible.

  • YAML - A Serialization Language for many Programming Languages
  • C'Dent - A Language for Writing Portable Modules
  • TestML - A Language for Writing Portable Unit Tests
  • Pegex - PEG/Regexp Parser Framework for many Programming Languages
  • Stardoc - A Framework for Portable Documentation
  • Wikiwyg - A Rich-text, Multi-mode editor for all Wikis
  • Jemplate - A Programming Template Framework for many Languages
  • JSYnc - JSON + YAML == Simple Serialization
  • Muldis D - An Object-Relational Language (SQL) for many DBMSs

This is list is currently small. If you have a project to add, please contact us.