This is Acmeism

Acmeism is the belief that language naturally tends to divide people and ideas, but that technology can overcome this tendency. People who create technology that is not limited to a particular language are known as Acmeists.

Most people learn one natural (spoken) language. Most computer programmers learn one programming language. People are naturally bound to thinking only in this language. People who invent things, invent them to serve the language that they know. Even when people learn more than one language, they generally do not create things to serve all these languages.

Acmeists believe that their ideas need to be shared across all language boundaries. Even though the world and its technologies are not currently set up to facilitate this, Acmeists realize that this condition can be overcome. The more effort people put into sharing their ideas, the easier they will make it to do so.

If you are a creator of great ideas, go the extra miles to make sure they get delivered to the largest community you can imagine. This is Acmeism...